WhistlePig MGP Rye, 12 & 13 Year

Dave Pickerell (1956-2018)
picture from whistlepigwhiskey.com

“Our Final Tribute to a Legend”

These barrels cannot go mentioned without taking a moment to remember the real hero of WhistlePig, Dave Pickerell. He was a man on a mission, who lived passionately breathing life into whiskey in America, and the world. He had a strong influence on the current renaissance of American Rye whiskeys, and if you love a good Rye, have a drink in his name. Rest in Peace Dave.

We were so fortunate to be able to spend an entire weekend at WhistlePig, enjoying their incredible hospitality, and getting to spend time with the man himself. This was the second to last barrel selection he ever did. We were all thankful for his presence, but in retrospect, we consider the time with him priceless. The credit for these barrels goes completely to him. He hand selected 4 barrels of his best MGP Rye, we loved them all, and bought them all. 2 for the Cartel, 2 for Prav’s personal stores.

What else can we say, except that most of us feel these were the best bottles we tasted in 2018, period.

  • Barrel 1 was 12 years bordering on 13, at 116.2°
  • Barrel 2 was 13 years bordering on 14, at 122.5°

The following group members were lucky enough to be a part of this momentous barrel selection:

  • Group Founder Eddie Noel of Walton Kentucky
  • Pravesh Saraff, of Washington DC
  • Jay Parker, of Pewee Valley KY
  • Kurt Watson, of Canada
  • John Giegerich, of Atlanta GA