Old Weller Antique, 107°

World famous, 7 years in the barrel, from beloved Buffalo Trace

Who doesn’t love a bottle of OWA? A coveted affordable pour that’s hard to find on the shelves, but is priceless to many despite the low cost. Are you team Weller 12? Or Team OWA? Hit us up on facebook , we’d love to hear.

This barrel did not disappoint, and we cannot wait for it to be bottled!

Here’re the members who were lucky to be on this selection:

  • Group Founder Eddie Noel of Walton Kentucky.
  • Mark McNulty
  • Paul Battaglia
  • Darren Messer
  • Linden Ferguson
  • Mike Schwartz
  • Steve Clem
  • Kenny Coleman

Here’s a short video, of a few of our favorite moments!