New Riff Bourbon – Barrel Proof

Our First Barrel from New Riff

We’re officially Fanboys. This first barrel was quickly followed up by 2 more in early 2019. We don’t know how they did it, but New Riff has created something absolutely unique, and we’re right here along for the ride. They have their entire process down to a science, and if you haven’t had a chance to try any, you need to. Try one of their various tours offered, if you want a wonderful opportunity to see their facility, learn about their vision, and meet the awesome team.

“We want to be known for our single barrel program.”

Aly Fosset

Single Barrel Program Manager, New Riff Distilling

They have taken single barrel selections to a whole new level. With a passionate team and a beautiful space, it’s a luxury experience. Through the gift shop, you can buy full, half, or even quarter barrels. So if you can’t find a barrel selection locally, contact them and buy your own!

"I'm Riff James..." Barrel Proof - 112.8°

This bottle was personally selected by member Pravesh Saraff. It was one of the first barrels from our new Charity program, where our members all split the cost of a number of bottles, which are then sold for charity. All proceeds from these sales go to charity, and we’ve had a great time helping out the charities you can find here: Charities We Support.