Boone County 14 Year

Still aging, we can’t wait for this one to be bottled

Who doesn’t love a 14 year old barrel of MGP goodness? These MGP high rye barrels may have all been distilled in the same place, but when aged in the particular conditions of each distillery, they take on something truly unique. Boone County is one of the handful of distilleries where these barrels have aged into something beautiful. These Boone County barrels have a dark, sweet, often earthy aroma. The flavor is full of bourbon caramel and oak, and often contains the unique presence of cooking spice and dark fruit. We can’t wait for this to be bottled!

The picking team was comprised of the following group members:

  • Group Founder Eddie Noel of Walton Kentucky.
  • Scott Early, of Mt. Washington, KY
  • Joe Cox, of Louisville KY
  • Jeremy Kruer, of Louisville KY
  • Alan Keck, of Somerset KY

Here’s a few of our favorite moments!