1792 Full Proof

The Prodigal Barrel…

“I’m gonna fly across the country and buy bottles for all of you”

Cartel Claus

Resident Generous Badass

What was once lost, became one of the best stories of generosity.

This barrel was selected by a group of our members down at the Barton distillery. Long story short, the fantastic barrel we had selected was sent to another unknown store, and we believed it to be lost. Sad day indeed! Fast forward to the day when the group was contacted – because “The Bourbon Cartel” was drawn on the barrel head… and the barrel was found! We were all excited, but as none of us lived in the state it was sent to, and it was being sold at that store, we thought we were out of luck. However, a beloved member of the Cartel went above and beyond, and offered to personally fly across the country to purchase bottles — so that everyone in the group could have one. A Christmas miracle!

The members who were part of selecting this barrel:

  • Eddie Noel
  • Pravesh Saraff
  • Paul Battaglia
  • Michael St. Pierre
  • Scott Barfield
  • Linden Ferguson
  • Steve Clem
  • Darren Messer

Take a minute to watch the best moments of the trip: