Russell’s Reserve

Russell's Reserve Pick

Bottled at 110 proof, from Rickhouse H

A faithful bottle, a delicious whiskey that is often not given the respect it’s due – Russell’s Reserve from the famous Wild Turkey Distillery. We were able to taste some of the best barrels, and arrived at a winner. Barrel #16-192, from Rickhouse H, floor 4-46-1. The picking team was comprised of the following group members:

  • Group Founder Eddie Noel of Walton Kentucky.
  • Joe Cox, of Louisville KY
  • Steve Clemson, of Prospect KY
  • Maulin Sutaria, of Louisville KY
  • Michael O’Brien, of Prospect KY
  • Kenny Coleman, of Louisville KY
  • Linden Ferguson, of Crestwood KY
  • Jay Parker, of Pewee Valley KY
  • Omar Marshall

Here’s a short video, of a few of our favorite moments!