Mission Statement

Our group draws upon our individual passions, while building camaraderie across diverse geographies and backgrounds. We will educate ourselves and others about the culture and history of whiskey. Our common interest is selecting exclusive fine whiskey and other spirits, while contributing to philanthropic efforts.

Cartel Members

Eddie R. Noel

Walton, KY

Kenny New
Baton Rouge, LA
Todd Smith
Jackson, MO
Steve Clem
Prospect, KY
Joe Cox
Louisville, KY
John Caruso
John’s Island, SC
Jay Parker
Pewee Valley, KY
Kenny Coleman
Louisville, KY
Ryan Cecil
Louisville, Ky
Trever Reed
Sorrento, LA
Linden Ferguson
Crestwood, KY
Maulin Sutaria
Louisville, KY
Josh Reeves
Jackson, MO
Gregg Wurth
Louisville, KY
Bud Oakey
Richmond, VA
Patrick Garrett
St. Louis, MO
Alan Keck
Somerset, KY
TC Davis
Hebron, KY
Rich Kessler
Covington, KY
Ken Watson
Chicago, IL
Tim Klett
Plainfield, IL
David Szlam
Charleston, South Carolina
Kyle Kaiman
Louisville, KY
Matthew Evans

Beavercreek, OH

Barry Melcher

Union, KY